The schedule of Council and committee meetings for 2017/18 is set out below.  Council and committee agendas and minutes will be available to read online.  When the minutes are agreed and issued, we use them to replace the relevant agenda. Available documents are shown in red in the list below.  Please click on the date of the meeting that you wish to read about.

Meetings are held at the Pavilion in Arborfield Park, generally starting at 7.30pm, but please check the relevant agenda for days when more than one meeting is being held.

Sometimes, meetings may be cancelled if there is insufficient business.  When this happens, the relevant meetings will be marked on this page.

Full Council 17 January 2017

Full Council 14 February 2017

Full Council 14 March 2017

Full Council 18 April 2017

Planning Committee 2 May 2017 - Cancelled

F&GP Committee 2 May 2017 - Cancelled

Parks Committee 2 May 2017 - Cancelled

Full Council - AGM 16 May 2017

Planning Committee 6 June 2017 - Cancelled

Full Council 20 June 2017

Executive Committee 28 June 2017

Planning Committee 4 July 2017- Cancelled

Parks Committee 4 July 2017 - Cancelled

Full Council 18 July 2017

Planning Committee 5 September 2017

F&GP Committee 5 September 2017

Parks Committee 5 September 2017

Full Council 19 September 2017

Planning Committee 3 October 2017 - Cancelled

Full Council 17 October 2017

Planning Committee 7 November 2017 - Cancelled

Parks Committee 7 November 201 - Cancelled

F&GP Committee 7 November 201 - Cancelled

Full Council 21 November 2017

Council – Budget meeting 12 December 2017

Planning Committee 2 January 2018 - Cancelled

F&GP Committee 2 January 2018 - Cancelled

Parks Committee 2 January 2018 - Cancelled

Full Council 16 January 2018

Planning Committee 6 February 2018 - Cancelled

F&GP Committee 6 February 2018 - Cancelled

Full Council 20 February 2018

Planning Committee 6 March 2018 - Cancelled

Parks Committee 6 March 2018 - Cancelled

NEW - 8th March 2018 - Annual Parish Meeting (although actually not a Parish Council meeting)

Full Council 20 March 2018


Planning Committee Tuesday 3rd April - Cancelled

Full Council Tuesday 17th April

Planning Committee Tuesday 1st May

F&GP Committee Tuesday 1st May

Parks Committee Tuesday 1st May

Full Council - AGM Tuesday 15th May

Planning Committee Tuesday 5th June

Full Council Tuesday 19th June

Planning Committee Tuesday 3rd July

Parks Committee Tuesday 3rd July

Full Council Tuesday 17th July

Planning Committee Tuesday 4th September

F&GP Committee Tuesday 4th September

Parks Committee Tuesday 4th September

Full Council Tuesday 18th September

Planning Committee Tuesday 2nd October

Full Council Tuesday 16th October

Planning Committee Tuesday 6th November

Parks Committee Tuesday 6th November

F&GP Committee Tuesday 6th November

Full Council Tuesday 20th November

F&GP Committee Tuesday 11th December


Planning Committee Tuesday 8th January

F&GP Committee Tuesday 8th January

Parks Committee Tuesday 8th January

Full Council Tuesday 15th January

Planning Committee Tuesday 5th February

F&GP Committee Tuesday 5th February

Full Council Tuesday 19th February

Planning Committee Tuesday 5th March

Parks Committee Tuesday 5th March

Full Council Tuesday 19th March
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