Arborfield and Newland Parish council is the most local tier of local government covering the wards of Arborfield, Newland and Arborfield Green within Wokingham Borough.  Formed of elected councillors, the council is responsible for managing and maintaining the Parish Council owned assets, representing the interests of the parish and its residents in matters decided at Borough or national level and keeping the local residents informed of developments.  The council raises money to pay for these activities by setting an annual precept which is collected as part of the council tax.The details below give more information on the Council’s activities in Arborfield.

The Parish Clerk liaises with the Borough Council, other Parish Councils and the Borough Councillor, Gary Cowan on behalf of Arborfield & Newland regarding many matters and issues.

The Parish Council cannot be everywhere all the time so if you spot something which needs attention please contact the Parish Clerk on 0118 976 1489 or email and Alison will try to assist you, if she can’t help you directly she will most likely know who can.

The Parish Council

There are 10 Councillors in total, 9 for Arborfield Cross and 1 for Arborfield Green.The latter is an old name for a ward within Arborfield which has now been adopted as the name for the new development.The majority of the new development is actually in Barkham Parish but Arborfield councillors are heavily involved in influencing the development and representing the needs of the parish in the planning decisions that are being taken..These 10 Councillors are representatives on any 2 of the 3 Committees: Planning, Parks and F&GP (Finance and General Purpose)

Parish Office

The Parish Office is located in the village hall and is staffed by Alison Ward the Parish Clerk.. The Parish Office and storeroom are rented from the Village Hall Charitable Trust.

Open 10am – 12, Monday to Thursday. At all other times strictly by appointment only. 24 hr answer phone on 0118 976 1489


Committee Meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of the month and full Council meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month except August and December.  All meetings are open to the press and public except for Part II’s which are confidential e.g. discussion of salaries and commercially confidential prices in tenders. The agenda for the meetings is published 5 days in advance of the meeting date and displayed on this website or on the parish noticeboards.

Planning committee – to review and comment on all planning applications made in the Parish and adjoining parishes and to make representation to Wokingham Borough on behalf of the community.The Planning committee works with independent planning consultants when required to formulate responses to Wokingham on complex applications.

F&GP committee – to set and manage the budget for the Parish ensuring that the Parish has sufficient funds to cover all required expenses during the financial year.

Parks committee – to manage the maintenance and development of the parks and open spaces managed by the Council.

Annual Parish Meeting – held every year in between March and May, this is a meeting for the Parish which is organised by the council and we will arrange for external speakers to attend on topics which are of local interest.For dates of the next APM please see this website or look for notices in the notice-boards.

Councillors are representatives on the following committees:

Project Home Front

Arborfield NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group)

Village Hall Management Committee

Hurst Consolidated Charity

SPISE (Sane Planning in the South East)

WDALC (Wokingham District Association of Local Councils)

BALC (Berkshire Association of Local Councils)

WBC Campaign against Waste

Borough Parish Working Group


The council provides some services for the residents of Arborfield and Newland, these are set out below:

Arborfield News

Bi-monthly newsletter delivered free by volunteer street wardens to every household in the Parish of Arborfield & Newland.If you would like to deliver the Arborfield News to your area then please e-mail the Parish Clerk.

Village Christmas Tree

Organising the Village Christmas Tree with the aid of Sponsors and donators


The Parish budgets each year for a small amount of money to be donated to local organisations who submit a grant application.You can access the grant application form here and it should be completed and returned to the Parish Clerk no later than xx each year; successful applicants will receive a grant by the end of March.

Village Handyman

Michael works 8 hours per week as a contractor keeping the Parish Council owned property in good condition for the enjoyment of the residents of Arborfield.

Pavilion Caretaker

Jackie is employed by the Council for approx 7 hours per week. Her role includes the park gate security.

Parish owned assets

Unlike many Parish Councils Arborfield is fortunate in owning a number of assets which are available for the use of the community; we have set out more details of these below.

Pound Copse

Owned by the Parish Council, this is an area of ancient woodland in Greensward Lane with permitted access to a footpath leading across Farley Farms

Arborfield Recreation Ground, Swallowfield Road

One of the major amenities for the community, the Arborfield Recreation Ground is owned and managed by the Parish Council including provision of the playground, pavilion, SportsActive electronic game, shelter, benches and memorial trees.The park is used for football during the season and is the home ground for the Arborfield FC and Arborfield Aces.

The Recreation Ground car park is open between 0800 and 2000 between April and October and 0800 and 1800 between November and March.

Arborfield Pavilion

The Pavilion is owned and managed by the Parish Council and is available for hire by groups on completion of a hire agreement and payment of the applicable fee.  For more details please contact the Parish Clerk.The Pavilion contains a large meeting room, kitchen, showers and WC facilities


An enclosed area at Arborfield Recreation Ground with numerous items to play on.  An aerial runway, cantilever swing, jungle climber, SportActiv court and youth shelter are just outside the enclosed area.  We carry out a regular risk assessment of the playground but if you notice any items that need urgent maintenance please contact the Parish Clerk.

4 ½ bus shelters

2 x on the Reading Road near Church Lane

1 x on the Reading Road near Walden Avenue

1 x Arborfield Stores

Langley Common Road - Half ownership with Barkham PC

5 notice boards sited at

Arborfield Stores, Eversley Road

Arborfield Pavilion, Swallowfield Road

Reading Road/Church Road junction

Bus lay-by in Langley Common Road  by Rickman Close

Attwood Drive

Arbery Way, Bushell Way junction

Salt bins

The council provides salt bins in various locations, which are provided for residents to use only for salting public roads and paths in icy weather

Some street lighting

Some of the street lights in Arborfield belong to the Parish Council. All street lights have a column number. If you notice that a light is not working please call the Parish Office with the location and column number.

Veteran Tree Project

A new project recording Wokingham Districts historic trees (1metre diameter or more) with the aim of protecting them.

History Society

A thriving local History Society with over 50 members. A History Library is held at the Parish Office

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