The Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan will be on the agenda for the WBC Executive meeting on Thursday 27 June 2019. Assuming it is approved by the Executive, a further consultation is anticipated to take place in July and August. Some further modifications to the plan are likely when the consultation is completed. An Examiner should be appointed concurrently with the consultation. It would then be possible to provide the Examiner with all documents a few weeks after the consultation ends.

A successful examination should then lead to a referendum in December. All residents on the electoral rolls in the two parishes will be eligible to vote. A simple majority in favour will then lead to the plan being adopted. Once it has been adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan must be taken into account in the determination of all planning applications in Arborfield and Barkham.Therefore it will become an important consideration in the planning process.

The latest Neighbourhood Plan documents can be accessed from the documents page of the website.


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