Russell Players October 2018 Production

Funeral Tea.

Following Uncle Jacob’s cremation the attendees arrive for the funeral tea provided by the conscientious caterer, Mrs Ellis.  As the four settle down for a cup of tea it becomes apparent that the urn containing Uncle Jacob’s ashes is missing.  When Miss Starkie the deceased’s niece, suggests the tea tastes odd and they discover the tea jar is locked in the cupboard, they face an unthinkable possibility.

The Reunion.

The discovery of a note written by Uncle Jacob, insisting attendees of his funeral come to the reading of his Will and partake in the drinking of his home made wine, has the ladies assembled again.  As they preside over what they hope are his ashes, it becomes apparent they will receive some compensation for “reluctantly” providing for him. All they have to do is find the money.  Unfortunately they have difficulty reading his Will. This is partly due to its poor condition and partly due to the potency of Uncle Jacob’s wine.  It looks doubtful they will find anything and they begin to wonder if a seance could be the answer.


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